Please go to our “Home Page” or “Contact Us” section and kindly provide your contact information and a member of our office will reach out to you soon. Or please call our office at 619.295.0800 to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation.

Sahmel & Associates provides a personalized accounting experience based on each client’s needs. Quotes are assessed and provided by Ron during the initial stages of establishing a client/accountant relationship.

We can only provide estimated time of completion upon receiving all relevant tax data from the client. Incomplete submissions are subject to longer preparation times.

Please allow 1-2 business days for our office to transmit the tax returns. You should receive a response to your email, acknowledging receipt of your signed e-file authorization forms. Please call our office at 619.295.0800 or email Denise Gleb at

Please provide a copy of ALL pages of the government notice via email, fax or mail. Photographs and/or partial copies of notices will not be accepted or processed. Please email copies of government correspondences to Deserae Rawling at

We will have a CPA look into your matter. The CPA assigned to your project will contact you directly with any questions and/or findings.

Please note, depending on the nature and complexity of the correspondence, the project may be subject to billing.

There are 2 ways you may pay your invoice:

1. Please call our office at 619.295.0800 to pay your invoice over the telephone with a Credit
Card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express ONLY)

2. Please mail a check to our office or fill out your credit card information on the invoice/bill

Finance charges are applied on invoices unpaid 30 days past the billing date are deemed delinquent and are subject to an interest charge of 15% per annum.

Please contact Deserae Rawling, Finance Manager, with any billing related questions.